We’re hiring!

The Lake Inn Motel is Ballarat is currently recruiting for a full-time, live-in,
management couple. Must have a minimum of 3 years experience operating a 4 star motel property.

Motel Management Dual Position

Reception Duties

  • Present high personal presentation standards through appropriate dress, hygiene, and verbal expression.
  • Greet arriving guests in a welcoming and timely manner, provide information with regards to directions to their room, how to order breakfast, hotel/restaurant facilities, availability of wireless internet and ensuring that all guest requirements are exceeded above their expectations.
  • Before guest’s check-out make sure the account is correct and all charges have been placed on the account. Make sure all payments are charged correctly. When interacting with the guest make sure that there are no errors on their account and ask how they enjoyed their stay.
  • Answer the phone in a timely, friendly, and professional manner, answer all enquiries, make bookings, and follow up on all enquiries.
  • Bookings must be entered into RMS as soon as received.
  • When a booking is to be cancelled, a cancelation number is to be quoted so there is no confusion in the future.
  • Payment methods need to be established at the time of booking.
  • Continuous marketing and development for business opportunities particularly within the corporate sector as per directors’ instructions.
  • Ensure that a professional rapport is developed and implemented with all corporate clients.
  • Continuous monitoring/installation of marketing material to Information Centre, Hospitals etc.
  • Continuous monitoring and timely replying to guest queries/feedback on all sites.
  • Preparation of monthly marketing reports as required by the directors.

Operational Functions

  • Ensure that the daily laundry is ready for collection.
  • Ensure that towels and pillowcases are laundered daily.
  • Pillowcases are to be pressed daily with an iron press provided by the property.
  • All bedspreads and blankets are to be checked with each room departure for stains and are to be laundered accordingly and to a maintained cleaning program.
  • Strip and replace rooms of all linen on each departure ready for housekeeping to clean the room.
  • Ensure a stocktake is done weekly for all cleaning, laundry chemicals and accommodation supplies.
  • Stock mini-bars from information given by housekeepers.
  • Ensure the courtyard and walkways are cleaned of leaves, cigarette butts and rubbish daily.
  • Ensure that the refuse area is maintained in a neat and tidy manner, particularly ensuring that hotel staff comply with this requirement.
  • Ensure the garden shrubbery is trimmed and maintained.
  • Ensure the stairwells are swept and kept clean of rubbish, leaves, cobwebs etc.
  • Ensure general appearance and cleanliness of rooms/reception/office/kitchen are maintained to the appropriate standards required by the relevant authorities.
  • Ensure the residence is kept to appropriate standards.
  • Minor maintenance around the property.
  • Ensure all other property maintenance is attended to as soon as possible and is bought to the attention of the directors for approval if required.
  • Ensure breakfasts are prepared and presented to a standard appropriate for the property and cooked to food safety requirements.
  • Ensure all stock is ordered in a timely manner and appropriate quantities and rotated as required.
  • Ensure all guests needs and expectations are met and exceeded.
  • Ensure that a respectful working relationship is built with third party suppliers: i.e., restaurant, sales reps, and other motel operators in the area.
  • Ensure SiteMinder and is correct daily, this includes ensuring that any other third party advertising or listing is also accurate.
  • Adjust rates according to Directors instructions.

Management Functions

  • Ensure all daily/weekly/monthly occupancy and charges reports are sent to the directors as requested and any reports as further directed.
  • Ensure all staff required certifications are maintained and up-to-date.
  • Ensure company policy and procedures documentation is maintained and updated as required.
  • Make guests are aware of credit terms and follow up any outstanding debtors.
  • Make sure all daily paperwork is prepared, properly checked and accurate, and is balanced ready for the office in a timely manner. This includes ensuring the accuracy of all supplier invoicing.
  • Ensure all customer deposits are correct and accounted for.
  • Ensure petty cash is reconciled on a weekly basis and banking is done daily.
  • Respect the property trading details in strict confidence, therefore, at no time can you copy or make notes of any property trading figures or accounting procedures.
  • Create and implement a staff information and communication system to ensure all staff are aware of company policies and requirements.
  • Ensure any relief staff are trained and familiar with the motel policies and procedures.
  • Ensure housekeeping duty list is done daily, time sheets etc, are accurately recorded and approved.
  • Ensure housekeepers are working efficiently and to allocated time schedules and wages are to KPI specification as instructed by Directors.

You are advised that while this position description provides general guidelines as to the nature of the responsibilities, these are subject to change as advised by the directors from time to time.